A world of opportunities

C&T connects you to the world around you: create, learn, collaborate and share with children, young people and communities across the globe.

In an age of increasing globalisation driven by the digital revoloution, C&T uses these technologies to connect and classrooms around the world.  This is you chance to participate and learn with like-minded teachers, artists and students across the globe. Here is an example of how this works for us and for our collaborating schools:

In the summer of 2014, as France grappled with the tragedy of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and the USA struggled to understand a wave of apparent unlawful police shootings, young people in New York City  collaborated with counterparts in Nairobi, Kenya to ask the question 'what does freedom mean to us?'

Using C&T's Livingnewspaper.net website and techniques young people and their teachers struggled to understand these 'breaking news' stories, using grounded research to help shape digital and drama-based media content that tried to articulate these complex issues.  They used the internet to research events, construct surveys to gauge public opinion and a range of software to build graphs and theatre methods to interrogate, undestand and interpret events.  

Finally, the internet brought these children - 7,000miles apart - together.  They debated questions,  discussed problems,  shared soloutions and created responses to these most pressing of issues.  And they made friends and celebrated their capacity to change the world.

A typical way that C&T can bring change and opportunity through creative learning and technology.   See the opportunities available to you here.