Are you facing a challenge? Want to inspire, educate and empower the people you work with?

From classrooms to communities, across England and around the world, C&T’s applications are powerful creative tools to address your need. From digital map making to citizen journalism our applications can be used to address any circumstances or challenge.

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  • ‘The Inclusive Spaces 2.0: My School and My Block!” project involves researching social spaces in new middle schools and communities in the 22nd district of Vienna, Austria: what experiences do young people gather in their ‘blocks’? And how do these impact the social spaces of schools?

  • Imagine if real life was a video game. How easy would it be to play?

  • RPG Police is a thrilling new digital storytelling programme from C&T.

  • C&T demystify the language of computers and make the art of coding accessible to all through this programme of workshops and digital resources for KS1 and 2.

  • C&T's Augmented Reality brings learning to life across the curriculum. Find out how this new technology can help transform your classroom environment.

  • Wisdom of Crowds: a powerful social media platform from C&T that enables you to host full, frank and inspiring debates online.

  • Stratar is C&T's groundbreaking digital mapping application. It enables students to create their own encyclopaedic map using the latest in digital media, smartphones and tablet computers - embedding video, audio and photography. The finished map can be published online for the world to see.

  • Re-inventing documentary drama in the age of YouTube, and bringing news to life, C&T’s own brand of 'Living Newspapers' turn your students into citizen journalists through this unique mix of documentary, drama and ICT.