Augmented Reality

Bring learning - and classroom displays - to life with the very latest Augmented Reality technologies.

C&T brings the latest in digital technologies to your classroom with our programme of Augmented Reality workshops. Through C&T's innovative mix of ICT, drama and creativity suddently the most passive, static displays can be brought to stunning life.  History lessons can become interactive adventures through past lives and events, books become filled with action-packed animations and videos whilst problem-solving in numeracy can be transformed into high tech video games!   

Augmented Reality - AR - is going to be 'the next big thing' in the digital revoloution.  Special AR apps allow users to create intervative media content and layer this over objects and pictures in the real world.  When you point your smartphone or tablet at the picture it suddently springs to life with your own unique media content!  

C&T uses AR in three ways: 

  • We work with schools to create bepoke workshops and learning materials that connect AR to the subjects and curriculum areas you are teaching: we tailor the technology to reflect your needs and your students' interests.  
  • We use the AR content you create to cascade learning across the school, using the magic of Augmented Reality to impact on the learning of all children, not just those in the workshops.
  • We train teachers how to make their own AR experiences so your staff are equipped to continue this groundbreaking approach long after C&T have left.

C&T has used AR to:

  • Bring a History project about medieval castles to life through drama and digital technology
  • Support the parents of children in Early Years and Reception learn the basics of phonics
  • Animated displays about music, the Victorians, safety in science labs and formulas in Maths.  

C&T has used AR in numerous primary and secondary schools, helping the most reluctant of teachers to embrace the digital revoloution in a fun and accessiuble way.

To find out how C&T can bring this powerful technology to your classrooms contact us now.