Code Makers

Crack the secrets of computer coding - and the new computing curriculum for KS1 and 2!

C&T demystifies the language of computers and make the art of coding accessible to all through this programme of workshops and digital resources for KS1 and KS2.  

Code Makers is designed to meet the requirements of the new Computing curriculum in the following ways:

  • Models the key principles of computational thinking – abstraction, algorithms, data representation, simulation, decomposition, sequencing and logic.
  • Uses creative tasks to enable children and teachers to solve problems and gain practical experience in Computer Science.
  • It's accessible, fun, engaging and demanding – building skills and confidence in computer coding.

In Code Makers your students work alongside C&T's skilled creative and digital media animateurs to become trainee video game coders. Undertaking a series of real world tasks and activities they learn the central rules and processes of coding.  Just like in a video game they are rewarded with badges and medals, just to add to the drama! Next they transfer this real world, kinesthetic learning to the virtual world, undertaking a wealth of tried and tested coding tasks online.  These online resources put into practice the real world learning of the practical workshops. C&T's state-of-the-art online tutoring system makes sure that your students get first-class suppprt and help even when C&T are no longer there in the room.  

Code Makers includes:

  • Practical classroom workshops led by skilled C&T facilitators
  • Online tools and resources that enable your students to build their own computer programs and video games
  • Professional development workshops for teachers, embedding this learning for the long term
  • Access to the C&T Network, connecting your Code Makers with others around the world through the internet (optional)

Benefits of project

  • Code Makers uses creative approaches to teaching and learning that demystify the principles of Computer Science.  The approach is accessible but also intelligent and technologically credible.
  • C&T’s approach is kinesthetic: everyone learns by doing. 
  • The online tools and resources that are an integral part of Code Makers means you can cascade the experience across your school and your staff.
  • It's cost effective.

It will give primary schools with little experience of teaching Computing access to world-class expertise in this field and ongoing support.