RPG Police

RPG Police is a thrilling digital storytelling programme from C&T.

The RPG Police is a special department of the National Crime Division.  Its job: to stem the rise of cyber crime in video games and online.

Increasingly cunning criminals are using role playing video games as a front for suspect and criminal activities. The RPG Police’s job is to go undercover in these video games, seek out the criminals and expose their crimes.

In RPG Police your students go undercover as secret agents, working within video games to solve these 21st century crimes.  By fusing drama, storytelling and creative literacy with video game simulation and machinama animation techniques, your students will create their own crime-busting stories told through the technologies they love. What’s more they can share their adventures online with other RPG Police officers across the world!

To find out more about this exciting method of teaching literacy, drama and creative storytelling contact C&T now. 

RPG Police is in its research and development phase and we are looking for partners who want to work alongside as part of this thrilling journey.  Contact Dr Paul Sutton now to find out more.