Wisdom of Crowds

Enabling you to host full, frank and inspiring debates online Wisdom of Crowds is C&T's latest social media tool for schools, colleges and universities.

Wisdom of Crowds is C&T's powerful social media tool that enables school, colleges, universities or any community to conduct online debates about the issue at the centre of their lives.

Wisdom of Crowds is unique: it combines the best of Open Space Technology methods with powerful social media functionality to offer everyone a user-friendly interface through which they can take control of the issues and topics that motivate them.  

Developed by C&T to drive collaborations between schools, colleges and universities across the global C&T Network the platform is now available for everyone to use. 

Wisdom of Crowds is based on C&T's experiences from facilitating Open Space Technology events.  Anyone can host a Wisdom of Crowds event - you get to choose the topic, invite the guests and pose the questions.  Then everyone can join in - posting their own subjects or issues to discuss, adding comments, posting videos or materials to inform debate. 

Finally Wisdom of Crowds makes an archive of all the discussions your event has provoked. It becomes a resource for everyone to refer to, draw from and be inspired by.

How could Wisdom of Crowds work for you?  

Here are some examples of how C&T has put the system to work:

  • Networking a cross-section of New York City teachers discussing professional development issues and sharing best practice from their classrooms
  • Enabling a volunteer management committee to discuss business planning and management issues
  • Faciliting a group of 11-16 year olds to debate topical news stories and issues that were effecting their lives and learning

If you would like to see a demonstration contact paul.sutton@candt.org and see the benefits of this powerful new learning and professional development tool.