Lip Syncing in the Korogocho slum, Nairobi, Kenya

C&T regularly collaborates with young people in Korogocho, a slum district of Nairobi.

Korogocho is the fourth largest slum district of Nairobi, occupied by some 150,000 people packed into a 1.5km area to the northeast of the city. The name is Swahili for ‘crowded shoulder to shoulder.’  The majority of residents were originally migrants from rural Kenya, who came seeking work and opportunity in the capital.  Housing is self built and improvised: shacks and makeshift dwellings made from found and recycled materials.  There is no central sewage system, clean water supply or street lighting.  Consequently crime and violent crime rates are high, as are disease, malnutrition, child mortality and child abuse.

The slum borders a vast rubbish dump, one of the largest in East Africa, the overwhelming smell from which pervades the slum, particularly in the frequent 30 degree Celsius temperatures.  Residents of the slum illegally scavenge for food produce discarded by airlines and city hotels and try to sell waste products shipped to Korogocho from the affluent west and dumped in Nairobi.

C&T has developed a partnership with Child Peace Kenya, a volunteer led organisation working with children in Korogocho.  From social justic projects to health education CPK shares C&T's belief in thre power of theatre to change lives.  As well as our work making living Newspapers wuth schools in the slum, our Lip Sync project - enabling young people to create dramas synchronised to songs and music - is immensely popular.  Here is an example of this approach filmed in the market place and on the rubbish dump itself.  

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