Using mobile phones to make Living Newspapers in The Gambia

C&T's commitment to use drama and technology to shape the next generation of global, literate citizens often requires the company to think laterally to engage some of the world's most disadvantged communities.  

Working in rural communuties in the east of the The Gambia C&T used SMS messaging to allow a rural school to connect to other partners in our network.  This isolated community had very little in tne way of access to amenities - 1 standing tap serving the whole village.  Mobile phone coverage was available, but no 3G or MMS services.  The company developed a simple interface for basic feature mobile phones which allowed students and teachers in the school to make contributions to C&T's websites.  The company made a week long visit to the area, testing the technology and training staff in the school.  The company gave the company a number of simple feature phone and mobile phone credit to enable them to participate alongside their peers in UK schools.