Creative Curriculum

C&T can help you shape a curriculum that inspires, educates and empowers. We think differently about Teaching and Learning, fusing creativity and new technology to helping you to develop innovative new approaches in your classrooms.

First we learn about you, your school, your staff:  Understanding your context and aspirations is a prerequisite to everything we do.  We use a range of techniques and methods to involve all of your school community helping us to understand the vision you have for your staff and students.   

Next comes corriculum design:  shaping a plan of action that addresses your priorities.   This draws on our pedagogic strengths and skills:  kinaesthetic learning, digital technologies and creativity.  

Finally we help you implement this plan.  We support and train your teachers, advise and supporting the use of new technologies and model good practice alongside your staff in the classroom. 

We call this approach Transform:  it is a rigorous, tried and tested methodology and bespoke to you and your needs.  Delivered over 5, 10, 18 or 25 days to suit your needs and resources, Transform builds on what you do well already, harnesses the potential of the digital revolution and is centred on the creativity and imagination of your students. 

In evaluations:

92% of surveyed teachers said C&T were responsive to their needs.
94% said C&T made a significant difference to their use of technology in their classroom.
90% said they would work with C&T again

To find out more about how C&T can add value to your Creative Curriculum contact us now.