Pupil Premium

C&T has developed an exciting Pupil Premium service designed to narrow the attainment gap between pupils in receipt of free school meals and their peers. We aim to helpyour students achieve greater attainment, attendance and behaviour. 

Life chances are not necessarily fixed at age five so, schools can play a critically independent and important role in improving children’s attainment and narrowing the gaps. Research has shown that the most effective strategies for improving Pupil Performance do not lie in simply reducing class sizes or hiring more teaching assistants. Instead, improvement comes from: “ ... proven classroom approaches – providing effective feedback on pupils' performance, encouraging pupils to think about their own learning strategies, and getting pupils to learn from each other.”

Our Pupil Premium service does exactly that! It is based on the fusion of two philosophies:

Firstly, Creativity and Drama have aproven track records in addressing educational inequalities: improving children’s literacy, helping them engage better at school and become more active citizens by providing meaningful contexts in bringing language alive.  Drama also helps students become more empathetic, entrepreneurial and innovative.

Secondly, Young people love using new technology:  tablet computers, smartphones, the Internet.   There is no doubt that technology engages and motivates young people - they already form part of young people’s everyday lives, helping to bring things to life in a way that traditional classroom teaching can’t, and, technology is of course, creative, playful and connects them to the wider world. However, this benefit is only an advantage for learning if the activity is effectively aligned with clear learning objectives. It is the pedagogy underpinning technology that we use which is important: the how rather than the what. The challenge is to ensure that technology is used to enable and to advance effective teaching and learning practices.

C&T’s Pupil Premium service fuses these two components together, shaping staged learning experiences that -

Address the needs of individual students
Build common skills
Raises self esteem
Engages and motivates 

There are three easy steps to how C&T cn bring its approach to your school:

1.    Meet with C&T; agree the needs and priorities of the targeted Pupil Premium students via a needs analysis.
2.    Agree with us the most appropriate C&T ‘Application’  to address these priorities.
3.    Agree success indicators for the intervention.

We can target specific cohorts of students or cascade ouy approach across a whole year group or Key Stage.  Its up to you.

To find out more, contact C&T.  We would love to tell you more about our approach and how its has benefited countless schools across England.