Theatre for Development

C&T's distinctive mix of of Applied Theatre and Digital Media connects and empowers young people across Africa and the Developing World.

Africa and the Developing World are changing just as fast as the West.  C&T's unique mix of skills and applications is as relevant and valued in these communities as it in Europe or America.  

  • Korogocho is a slum district of Nairobi, Kenya and home to over 150,000 people.  Child abuse, poverty and disease are rife.  C&T has partnered with a local volunteer led organisation, Child Peace Kenya, to bring C&T's application to a number of schools in Korogocho.  Our work there has focused on training local providers and teachers with the skills to lead applications like C&T's Living Newspaper and Lip Sync with local children and young people.  As well as working directly in Korogocho, C&T also use technologies to connect local schools with others in the C&T Network, skyping East London, New York City and Bradford. 
  • In Lilongwe, Malawi, C&T led a week of residencies in schools in District 13, facilitated by the Bishop McKenzie International School.  Focussing on the Millenium Development Goals, young people made a series of drama and documentary videos about their lives which were then shared with C&T Network schools in England, challenging preconceptions about Africa.

How might we work wiith you?

C&T's Network of partnerships in the Developing World is constantly growing.  To find out more about the possibilities click 'Contact' below.