C&T thinks intelligently about its creativity, its use of technology and the benefits its work can bring. That's why our work resonates with universities and academics around the world.

From contributing to undergraduate of postgraduate programmes, course design, or being part of reserach projects, C&T can contribute to university life in a number of ways.  Here are some examples of our work in this context:

  • Leading seminars and residencies on C&T's practice with undergraduate perfoming arts students and academics at the University of Kent, UK
  • Making a ' virtual guest lecture' to student teachers at the University of Tampa Bay, USA, via skype.
  • Designing undergraduate modules on Theatre Education, Digital Media and Performance, Theatre Management and Theatre and Disability at the University of Worcester, UK.
  • Facilitating Open Space Technology workshops with academics at the University of Warwick, UK.

In addition, Dr Paul Sutton, C&T's Artistic Director, is Multi-Media Editor of Research in Drama Education:  the Journal Of Applied Theatre and Performance.  

Find out more about our commitment to research at http://www.candt.org/research along with examples of our thinking, papers and presentations.

If you and your university would like to collaborate with C&T click 'contact' below.