Prospero is C&T’s new and powerful learning technology which is now interwoven into all of our work. Using the paradigm of theatre, it enables the creation and distribution of digital learning content. Find out more at our special Prospero website.

What is Prospero?

Prospero has been developed as a powerful utility for the creation, distribution and sharing of digital learning resources for theatre and the arts.  It enables you to create online interactive dramas that bring kinaesthetic learning techniques and creativity to your education setting. 

Become a Prospero producer

We have been working with our existing partners and collaborators to develop content for Prospero but we also invite you to join us to become a Prospero producer, working with us to create and distribute Prospero content bespoke to your needs.

Working together we can build Prospero workshops and activities that will take your participants on a creative journey, posing questions and sparking new thoughts and ideas through challenges, tasks and team work.

Prospero primarily works through your web browser, but it can also control smartphones, tablets, games consoles and even drones. Using Prospero in your classroom or education setting means that every smartphone can be an actor in your drama. Prospero can also connect your participants to those taking part internationally, building global collaborations and new opportunities for learning.

Who is it for?

C&T incorporates Prospero technology in all of its projects, offering teachers and facilitators hands on training so that the digital tools can continued to be used once you’ve finished working with us. Our current project Push/Pull incorporates Prospero and is a perfect introduction in using this new technology.

We can also use Prospero to design and deliver bespoke projects and can license our software so it can be used by other organisations and institutions to deliver their own creative education workshops.

Prospero – the future

We’ve recently completed a period of beta testing and are well on the way to developing and rolling out a new and updated version of Prospero from early 2018 and we are constantly focussed on upgrading its creative and technological capacities. Join us to be part of this revolution discovering new and creative ways that Prospero technology can benefit young people, learners and communities.


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