Prospero is the exciting technology that drives C&T’s distinctive approach to making theatre with people. We believe technology and drama together can change people’s lives, learning and communities. Wherever they are. To prove it we built Prospero to do the job.


Prospero enables the building of online interactive dramas.  It curates the web into interactive fictions, populated with characters, dilemmas, conflicts and challenges designed to provoke ‘players’ into taking part in these digitally enabled dramas by creating and sharing their own live theatre.  It can also co-ordinate collaborations between participants and players across remote locations, using the power of the internet  to build  global collaborations between children, young people and often marginalised communities. Prospero works through your web browser, but it can also control smartphones, tablets, games consoles - even drones.  It is ideally designed for use in educational contexts, but equally can be used by anyone who wants to build online participatory theatre experiences.  

Prospero is enabling C&T to extend its audience, but we are also developing it into a digital platform that can be used by other artists, organisations and cultural venues for the creation and distribution of their own creative learning content. 

We are currently testing Prospero, thanks to The Paul Hamlyn Foundation awarding C&T a grant to create a range of Prospero interactive dramas in collaboration with a number of primary schools in Worcestershire.  C&T ware creating content for use across these schools, training teachers in the use of the Prospero system and evaluating its impact. These West Midlands schools will also use Prospero to collaborate with counterparts in New York City and Kenya.