Research and Development

Research is central to C&T's methodology. Understanding the people we work with, their needs, the technologies that they trust and what makes for good learning, drives the creation of our Applications.

It’s important to C&T to know not only that what we do works, but to know why it works. To that end, we conduct a number of research-related activities.  We are widely respected for our intelligence, originality and the research that our work inspires. We regularly disseminate outcomes from our research at conferences in the UK and around the world and through publications. 

C&T invests in conducting its own research activity. We do this independently and in collaboration with some of the leading academics and insititutions around the world.  Our artistic process drives our R&D, with Practice as Research and Action Research methodologies informing our approach. 

We don't just do this research for our own ends, we make our thinking available to others, so as to better inform teachers, students and practitioners around the world.  Read about our work in journals such as Research In Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Performance and Studies in Theatre and Performance. The following books also feature case studies and accounts of C&T's work written both by us and other leading authors and researchers. 


C&T regularly works in partnership with leading universities.  In recent years, these have included the University of Warwick and University of Kent .  C&T is based at the University of Worcester, although we are an independent organisation.  

RiDE: Research in Drama Education: The Journal Of Applied Performance

RiDE is the world  leading academic journal in the fields of Applied Theatre, Drama and Education. Dr Paul Sutton, C&T's Artistic Director, is RiDE's Multi Media Editor and sits on the Advisory Board of the journal.

Would you like to work with us?

If you, or your university would like to work in partnership with C&T, or if you would like to find our more about our work, why not contact us?  We are always keen to collaborate with peers, professional and academics around the world.