Teaching and Learning

Release the potential of creativity and technology in your classroom, venue or community through our unique approach and applications.

C&T enhance teaching and learning through a distinctive fusion of creativity and technology.  We want to shape the next generation of global, literature citizens.
How do we achieve this?

Our work humanises technology

We all know technology is transforming our world and the future lives of children and young people.  How do we use these technologies to transform learning in a meaningful way?

C&T humanises technology.  For example, our Prospero system can deliver seamless, user-friendly web-based learning experiences that connect you to classrooms and communities across the world.  If you want to explore ways that our approach and applications can make meaningful use of technology in your classrooms talk to us.

We use drama to inspire, educate and empower.

Its not fashionable, but its true:  Drama is a powerful catalyst for learning.  Don’t think of drama in terms of stages and plays but rather as a medium to engage learners. 

Drama underpins our use of technology., just as it underpins the digital revoloution. What app or video game would be complete without characters, dilemmas and challenges to solve?  C&T fuses drama with digital media to create meaningful, child-centred learning experiences.

We connect young people to the world – and enable them to change it

C&T is about efficacy: making a difference.  Better than anyone children and young people know how the internet connects them to the world around them.  C&T uses this potential to enable participants in our work to become part of our global community, sharing, learning and making a real difference to the world around them.  From the livingnewspaper.net to stratar.net our applications use technology to imagine a world that can be better through learning and creativity.

If you want to be part of this work contact us now.  Find out how you can change learning what learning means for both your teachers and your students.