Work with us

C&T offers a unique, digitally-enabled and collaborative approach to theatre and education. Discover more about the ways in which we can work together.

Why work with C&T?

  • We have a strong track record in delivering technology driven theatre and education projects to a wide range of participants with differing needs. We are a leader in our field of work with knowledge of the sector, the potential challenges and know how to meet your needs.
  • With links internationally, we can connect participants with their peers across continents giving the opportunity to learn from each other and gain insight into new cultures and world perspectives.
  • Our Prospero technology brings a new dimension to learning. It’s simple to use and integrates into your lessons and workshops giving participants an inspiring and highly original educational experience.
  • Our team is experienced in fundraising for bespoke projects and can assist in finding relevant funding opportunities from a range of sources if required.

Whether you are a primary or secondary teacher, an arts educator or work within a community setting there’s a range of ways in which you can choose to work with us:

Network Collaborations

Each year we develop a new Network Collaboration that partner organisations can be part of. Our current project is Push/Pull

“…every time I see C&T work with Teaching Artists I see students using smart devices, programs designed to help tell personal stories, and technology that mobilizes, instead of crippling the classroom.” - Mitch Mattson, Associate Director, Education, Roundabout Theatre, Broadway, NYC

Bespoke projects

We love working with our partners to develop bespoke projects. If you have an idea and want to incorporate our technological thinking we would love to work with you.

“We've wanted to develop a digital element to our work for some time but have been daunted by the prospect - Prospero has been very straightforward to integrate into our work.” - SJ Watkinson, The Play House, Birmingham

Prospero software

Our Prospero technology is available to license to arts organisations, local authorities , charitable organisations and the creative industries to use within their own education and learning programmes. We will provide training and on-going support and can even set up Prospero sequences bespoke to your needs.

“Prospero is cutting edge technology with the possibility of revolutionizing the way in which teachers engage with professional development.” - Professor Peter O’Connor, University of Auckland, New Zealand

We would love to find out more about what you want to achieve and discuss how we can collaborate. Email us at or call 01905 855436.