C&T weave drama, digital technologies and creativity - enabling young people to explore and grow through our interactive dramas. We turn learners into independent and imaginative thinkers, connect the local with the global, and transform classrooms into learning spaces fit for the digital revoloution.

Our Applications

Our digital learning resources make technology easy to use and understand. We blend the kinaesthetic and the digital: creating world-class projects that change attitudes, behaviour and learning. Above all, we make learning fun and rewarding!

Primary & Secondary Schools

Our plans are tailored to your individual school’s needs. We can focus on supporting attainment, achievement and improving quality in both teaching & learning. Each of our service plans (including Pupil Premium Plans) offers something unique.

Who else do we work with?

We apply our mix of creativity & technology in a wide range of social, educational and community contexts. Our Applications often involve new technologies or other literacies that are familiar - helping to engage students at all levels of abilities!

Our Global Network

We can open up a whole new world of possibilities not least with Nairobi, Beijing, New York & beyond. Our partner networks are ready to collaborate with you. Globalisation is a reality and we can make it happen!