About us

C&T is about humanising technology through creativity, drama and digital culture. We offer a unique, digitally-enabled and collaborative approach to theatre and education that inspires, educates and empowers children, young people and wider communities both in the UK and internationally.

Our six values – collaboration, creativity, intelligence, learning, originality and quality – are only truly valuable to us, when they are underpinned by a seventh – inclusivity. Our blend of theatre and technology transforms the learning process, engages the disengaged and inspires new approaches to kinaesthetic learning and unlocking the creative potential of young people. 

As a technology-driven organisation we specialise in developing accessible and user-friendly tools that place digital technologies at the heart of theatre and drama, giving young people the opportunity to collaborate with their peers on a global scale. Our innovative Prospero technology is at the heart of our offer, transforming the way in which participants learn and how teachers teach. 

We love to collaborate with a wide range of partners. This includes both primary and secondary schools, universities, arts sector organisations, charity sector and community organisations and local authorities – our technological approach can be put to work in all these settings. We also work internationally with recent collaborations taking us to New York City, Austria, New Zealand and Kenya. 

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Want to find out more? Email us at info@candt.org or call 01905 855436.