About us

C&T is about humanising technology through creativity, drama and digital culture.

Over the last ten years, we have been continuously developing new ideas, placing digital technologies at the heart of drama, and giving young people the skills and confidence to know that they can make a creative contribution to make to their community and to the world around them.

At our core is sound educational thinking and good practice. Our ambition is to stimulate long term, systemic change in the way students and young people learn and how teachers teach. Our blend of theatre and technology transforms the learning process, engages the disengaged and inspires new approaches to kinaesthetic learning.

We encourage students to become independent learners and thinkers. We work alongside teachers to help them to expand their practice with new, creative techniques that mix participatory drama, learning, digital and social media. Everybody we work with gains in confidence and grows in the conviction that they can really make a difference - personally, locally and globally!